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The Wish Meditation

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Back in the year of 2005, I use to attend a once a week meditation/prayer circle. I’m going to post a particular meditation as it was given for those of you who may wish to experience this meditation yourself and then underneathe it I’ll post about my experience with this meditation. Wishing you all a joy-filled day! Love, Theresa P.S. I have several blank cassette tapes so that if I find a meditation online or in a magazine or in an email from another that I enjoy I can read the meditation onto the blank tape so that when I’m ready to do a meditation I can plug in the tape and have a guided meditation done by my own voice. I also added a meditation music video you can play music in the background while doing this. Just an idea.





~The Wish Meditation ~


Get into a relaxed position and close your eyes. Take several deep cleansing breaths….breathe slowly in through your nose and hold for a few seconds; then slowly let the breath out through your lips, releasing with it all the negativity you have gathered through out your day. Take another slow breath in through your nose and again, slowly release it through your lips.


Imagine an upside cone of light from the Universal Source on top of your head, slowly filling you with the Divine Light of Unconditional Love & Healing. Feel this Divine Love move down through your crown chakra and filling your head…your neck…your shoulders…and down your arms. Feel this light move down through your chest….your torso….your trunk….your legs…and into your feet. Visualize this Divine Light moving through the soles of your feet and through Mother Earth, deep into her core sending her the Divine Light of Love and grounding you.


Imagine that you are walking along on a beautiful summer day with a saphire blue sky above you and a warm breeze gently playing with your hair. You can feel the soft blades of grass beneathe your bare feet as you walk along and everything is perfect just as it is.


As you are walking, you take in the sights that surround you..the wild flowers of every imaginable color…the birds singing above you and you give thanks for the glorious gifts that are here. You look in front of you and there’s a tree that is tall and strong and it’s branches reach way up looking as if the tree is reaching for the sky. The leaves on the tree are full and green and provide just the right amount of shade from the sun, so you decide to sit beneathe this tree for awhile with your back up against the trunk.


While you are looking around at your surroundings, you look towards the sky and see the most whitest, brightest Dove you have ever seen gliding around on the wind. You reach your hand up towards the Dove and mentally call for her to come to you. The Dove softly flies down and lands on your outstretched hand and when she does, you gently pull the Dove towards you and hold her to your heart. As your tenderly stroke the feathers of the Dove, your heart tells the Dove of all the wishes you have. When your heart has transferred all the wishes it has to the Dove, you hold your hand up towards the sky to release the Dove and as she flies higher and higher, you know deep within that this Dove will carry your wishes to the Universe where they will manifest themselves for you.


You get up off the ground and turn to thank the tree for the shelter and support it has given you and start to walk back from where you started. Take a slow, deep breath and begin to notice the sounds in the room around you. And when you are ready, slowly open your eyes.



Weeping Willow


My experience with the wish meditation ~ First let me say that Reverend Jenni played a drumming CD softly in the background which I feel enhanced the meditation. You may do this also as background music while taping the meditation for yourself or any meditation CD that you wish or nothing at all if you feel it will be distracting. But I really enjoyed the drumming that was played in the background. When I got to the part where I saw the tree standing in front of me, this tree was the largest, most graceful Weeping Willow I’ve ever seen.


Her beauty brought tears to my eyes. I walked underneathe her lovely hanging branches to sit at her trunk as I looked around at the beauty that was there. As I’m checking out my surroundings I become aware that I am slowly merging with the Weeping Willow and at first, this frightens me because I think if I become one with this tree I will feel as if I’m in prison…not being able to freely move about.


But that’s not what happened. When I became one with this tree, I felt completely free and very strong and graceful as well. It was an awesome experience for me. When it came to the part where I was suppose to reach for the Dove flying in the sky, I reached up with one of my branches and brought the Dove down to my heart (trunk of the tree).


As my heart attempted to transfer all of my wishes to this beautiful white Dove I looked down at the Dove only to discover that it was turning gray and as another moment passed, it was getting darker and darker in color. This horrified me cause I couldn’t understand what was happening to my pristine white Dove but then the Dove began to talk with me in a most loving way.


I could feel her energy and it was of the purest love. She explained to me that my heart was still filled with resentment and anger; sadness and pain and until I could release the negative energy that I still harbored within my heart, then my wishes couldn’t come true.


So in a most loving and giving gesture, the Dove was taking this negative energy from my heart into herself….as a gift to me….and helping me to release it. So I lifted my branches back up to the sky and released the Dove and I watched as she flew higher and higher and as she did, I saw the gray matter that she had taken from my heart begin to fall off her to be absorbed into the Universe and I thanked her for her loving gift.

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